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CHANHU DARO... In 1936, during excavution, a big jaar (THIKR JI NAADI) was found and when the earth and soil material was cleaned out of, inside of it A human skull was found with out other body parts. It was a...

Dalel Dero is a locality and is located in Sakrand taluka Sakrand district Shaheed Benazirabad, Sindh, Pakistan. The estimate terrain elevation above seal level is 33 metres. Latitude: 26°10'46.96" Longitude: 68°18'0.04"  
ميڊيا سينٽر سڪرنڊ ۾ صحافي برادي جي باڊي چونڊجڻ کان پوء صحافي برادري پاران پروگرام رکيو ويو، جنهن ۾ ميڊيا سينٽر جي صدر محترم قربان عمراڻي، چيف گيسٽ محترم جناب غلام شاه لغاري صاحب سميت سڀني دوستن کي آجياڻو...

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Sindhtv News Documentary CHANHU JO DARO PART 01 Sindhtv News Documentary CHANHU JO DARO PART 01 by sindhmentary     Sindhtv News Documentary CHANHU JO DARO PART 02 Sindhtv...

CHANHU DARO...  (by: Ali Hassan Jamali) Work done during British ERA 1935-36               French personality AROURE DIDIER and her team meamber working presently...

صدر پ پ پ ضلعا شھيد بينظيرآباد، صدر تعلقا سڪرنڊ ۽ ٽيم جي يو آئي اڳواڻ عبدالرزاق پرهياڙ جي دعوت دوران سڪرنڊ ۾

Bhittai Nagar plotting scheme is located at Khadhar Road Sakrand.  

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